How to get and make Italian citizenship

• Recognition of Italian Citizenship is done by descent. In other words, all children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren of an Italian citizen (male) can apply for citizenship recognition without a generational limit.

• A woman’s descendants may not always have this recognition. This is because the woman passes Citizenship with an administrative process only to children born after January 1, 1948. Those who were born before this date must take the legal process to apply for citizenship.

• When applying for recognition of citizenship, it is necessary to carry out an administrative process that starts with the birth, marriage and death certificate of the Italian until reaching the applicant. You can’t miss a certificate or skip generation!

• Citizenship is individual and must be requested only through the interested person. It cannot be made by power of attorney and when there is a minor child (18 years old) the request is made through the descendant parent.

• The Citizenship application can be made at the place where the applicant proves residence (when he lives outside Italy) or where he intends to reside. This is when it comes to Italy.

The citizenship process is made in 3 parts:

1. Search for certificates;
2. Preparation of the process in Brazil;
3. Request for Citizenship in Brazil or Italy.

Veneto Vicenza

Our company provides services in Italy and Brazil doing research on certificates and assembly of the process. That is, we do:

– Request for clearance certificate from the Brazilian Ministry of Justice;
– Request for all certificates;
– Analyze;
– Rectification, if necessary;
– Public sign;
– Translation into Italian with a sworn translator;
– Apostile legalization;
– Legal Advice at the Civil Court of Rome;
– Recognition of Italian Citizenship;
– Descendants of the maternal line, natural child, waiting list at the Italian consulate with more than 731 days of proven registration.

We do not do: Advice and administrative process in Italy.

For the good progress of a research, it is important that the applicant has some Brazilian documents, such as: Marriage Certificate, Italian Death Certificate, Certificate of Birth of the child, Disembarkation or any other document in which there is complete information referring to Italian.

It is necessary that all existing documents for analysis are sent scanned.


We do not provide a budget and deadline without knowing what still needs to be done in the descendant process. Values ​​are sent based on the work that will be developed after analysis of the certificates.

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