• Legal Advice at the Civil Court of Rome

• Maternal line process

• Natural child process

• Process where documents were lost or destroyed, Art. 452 of the Italian civil code.

• Search for documents in Italy: Italian baptism, birth and marriage certificates are essential to start the process of citizenship recognition. This is because, without these documents, there is no possibility of proving your descent.

• Search for documents in Brazil: Documents from Brazil registered in churches until 1889 and in notary offices after January 1, 1890 are the complement of the process. Without these certificates, the descendant is unable to continue the application for citizenship.

• Analysis in the process documents: The analysis in the certificates serves so that the process is done without errors. We check if there is a lack of document and technical terms required by Italian Law, all this to avoid the applicant having problems when submitting the Citizenship application. It is not enough to be a descendant. The certificates presented will establish whether the descendant is really entitled to Italian Citizenship.

• Document Rectification: All errors found in the certificates may prevent you from requesting Citizenship. A judicial correction must be made before the process is set up in Brazil.

• Translation of documents into Italian: All Brazilian certificates must be translated into Italian by a sworn translator.

• Process assembly: Process assembly is an important step because the requirement of Italian Law must be observed.

• We do not provide administrative assistance in Italy.

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